Tara McPherson: The consequence of creativity

A portrait of the Brooklyn based Pop Surrealist artist Tara McPherson.

The elements that built this shot were taken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York in February 2015, on presidents day in the wake of the coldest temperatures New York had seen in 50 years. The whole shoot took 15 minutes and was only broken by our assistant director wrapping Tara periodically in her heavy winter coat.
This portrait includes many direct references to acclaimed Tara's work which can be found here:

Final rendered image of Tara McPherson, surrounded by living balloons as creativity literally pours out of the heart shaped hole in her body.

During this project, we were inspired by many icons and characters found in Tara's incredible body of work, but these 5 images capture the essence of what moved us most about her vision. 
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